Packaging for the textile industry

Packaging for the textile industry means solutions for the protection, packing and handling of textile products and semi-finished textile products.

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Key benefits

Protection of textile products 

Packaging protects textile products from external factors such as damp, dust, dirt and sunlight and from mechanical damage during transport, storage and sale. The right packaging can reduce the risk of damage, contamination or loss of quality of textile products.

Colour protection (fading)

It helps protect the colours of textile products from fading as a result of exposure to light. Protection against light helps keep colours bright, which is particularly important in the case of delicate fabrics.

Increased brand awareness

We help design packaging that emphasises the brand of textile products and attracts the attention of consumers. Creative packaging can contribute to brand recognition and increase a product’s shelf appeal.

Efficient transport and warehousing 

We ensure that textiles are packed in a simple and efficient manner that is also suitable for transport and storage. Suitable packaging optimises space, reduces transport costs and facilitates stock control.

Environmental sustainability

We make our packaging from environmentally friendly materials, including recycled cardboard and paper. This helps reduce the environmental footprint of the textile industry.

Product description

Packaging is an important aspect of the textile industry that has numerous functions and benefits. We work with customers to design packaging that is suitable for various types of textile products including: clothes, fabrics, carpets, bed linen, etc.

We use recycled and renewable materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. We also offer options for the recycling and re-use of packaging, which is important in the textile industry, where the emphasis is on sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint.

We use high-quality materials and a manufacturing technique that guarantees durable and reliable packaging. The materials used are strong and stable and the printing techniques used to give packaging an attractive appearance are of extremely high quality.

We can produce packaging in various quantities, from small runs to mass production. We have an efficient manufacturing and supply chain that enables rapid manufacturing and delivery, something that is particularly important in the textile industry.

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