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A wide range of solutions for cost-effective packaging

There is no packaging we are not capable of developing

Good-quality packaging has a demanding role to perform. It has to protect your product during distribution. It must be visually attractive, in order to create the best impression within the retail outlet. It has to ensure simple packing and opening. At the same time, it should have the smallest possible environmental impact. And, of course, it must be cost-effective.

The only way to satisfy all these conditions is to work with a business partner that is able to offer you customised consulting with a wide range of solutions. At Kartem we offer you customised consulting with no limits whatsoever.

A wide range of solutions for cost-effective packaging

Frequently asked questions

Browse the answers to some frequently asked questions about our customised consulting service.

My packaging is already satisfactory – can you upgrade it/improve it?

There is always room for improvement, be it in terms of the visual or functional aspects of packaging or as regards safety, costs or environmental impact. Contact us and we will arrange a visit. A member of our product design team will analyse your existing packaging and propose improvements. We guarantee that you will be surprised.

What does “rationalisation of packaging” mean?

Rationalisation of packaging means that by standardising packaging and using different inserts, you can significantly reduce packaging costs. Rationalisation of packaging allows you to reduce an excessive quantity of different packaging designs to a standardised, manageable number of ranges. With a smaller inventory to manage, you can save time and space. Simplify your packing and reordering process. The time you save will help make your staff and company more productive.

Can Kartem help make my packaging more sustainable?

Our entire working process is based on one of our key principles – protecting the environment. This is proved by two of the certifications we have obtained. ISO 14001 certification (environmental management system) shows that we incorporate sustainable approaches such as a zero waste, eco-design and the circular economy into our work. FSC certification guarantees that we provide environmentally friendly packaging and support responsible forest management at a global level.

That is why we are committed to offering sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly filling materials as an effective substitute for plastic, polystyrene and wood, thereby ensuring lower recycling costs and, consequently, a reduced environmental impact.

I need a very specific type of packaging. Can you help me?

We are always happy to accept new challenges. We have already produced packaging with extremely specific requirements. Contact us and we will arrange a visit so that we can listen to your requirements, after which our product design team will come up with solutions to your challenge. You can rely on us.

You can find even more answers to frequently asked questions about packaging on our FAQ page. If you can’t find an answer to your question, contact us by phone on +386 (0)3 5653630 every working day between 7.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m., write to us at or complete the enquiry form below. We will be happy to answer your question.

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