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Our mission

By offering packaging solutions using environmentally friendly materials, we help companies add value to their products.

We do everything that bigger companies do, only faster

Our expertise, experience and special software guarantee optimal solutions and products for the needs of every customer.

We have established ourselves on the market thanks to our responsiveness. We have managed to maintain the flexibility and speed associated with start-ups while simultaneously developing the reliability you expect from the biggest manufacturers.

We do everything that bigger companies do, only faster!

We do everything that bigger companies do, only <em>faster</em>

Our values


We manage resources carefully and efficiently while sticking unconditionally to our agreements. Through constructive criticism and open communication, we are constantly striving to improve and make all our processes ever more efficient.

Trust and respect

We respect the dignity of every individual and build sincere relationships based on trust with our customers, suppliers, partners, the local community and employees. This creates satisfaction for all involved.


Learning and collaboration are the foundation of our operations. Together, responsibly and systematically, we seek solutions to all challenges. We develop sincere long-term partnerships with everyone, and these are of key importance to us.


We do everything in our power to be able to work proudly as part of a successful company. We set ourselves increasingly ambitious goals and strive passionately to achieve them. We are known for our responsiveness and excellence of implementation and we pursue long-term success through innovation in our daily work.

FSC certification
FSC certification
ISO 9001 certification
ISO 9001 certification
ISO 14001 certification
ISO 14001 certification

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Find us at:

Cesta Tončke Čeč 44 

1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia

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