Packaging for the processing industry

Cardboard packaging is a popular choice for numerous sectors within the processing industry, including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and motor vehicles, since among other things it facilitates the efficient and safe packing of products and their transport.

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Key benefits

Product protection

We develop packaging that guarantees the protection of products from physical damage, contamination, light and other harmful factors during transport, warehousing and sale. This is particularly important in the case of fragile, delicate and perishable products such as glassware, electronics, fresh food and pharmaceuticals.

Easier transport and storage

Correctly designed packaging facilitates simple handling, transport and warehousing of products. The packaging can reduce the risk of damage to products during transport and makes it easier to handle them in the warehouse or during logistics operations.

Regulatory compliance

There are numerous regulations within the processing industry regarding the packing and labelling of products. Suitable packaging can help meet these requirements, which include food safety legislation, regulations on environmental protection and transport, and other regulatory requirements.

Cost reduction

Packaging can help bring down costs in the processing industry in a number of ways. Correct packing can reduce the occurrence of damage to products during transport, take up less space in a warehouse, and so on.

Product description

We offer customised cardboard boxes for the packing, promotion and protection of your products. All our boxes are 100% recyclable and available as FSC® certified on request.

Our packaging guarantees a high level of protection that meets the requirements of the entire supply chain, in this way reducing damage to products during transport.

Our product design team will work with you to create the perfect solution to meet all your packing and transport requirements. The design process can also include cut-outs and a range of opening techniques including tearing and perforation.

Our environmentally friendly packaging is fully recyclable and suitable for both manual and automated packing lines.

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