Shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready packaging, also known as retail-ready packaging, is optimised and designed in such a way that placing it on the shelves of shops is a simple matter requiring no additional unpacking or repacking.

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Key benefits

Time savings

Eliminates the need for time-consuming unpacking and repacking in the shop, thus reducing labour costs and rationalising operations. Facilitates rapid and simple replenishing of products on shelves, which saves time for staff.

Visibility of the product on the shelf

Our shelf-ready packaging is designed to attract the attention of consumers with the help of eye-catching graphics. This can increase sales and improve brand recognition.

Sustainability advantages

Shelf-ready packaging can be reused or recycled, which helps reduce the quantity of waste packaging and improves sustainability. Solutions are designed to optimise the use of materials and reduce the overall environmental footprint of the packaging.

Better product protection

When developing the packaging, we also pay attention to the protection of products during transport and during handling in shops. The packaging prevents damage and spoiling and ensures that the products last.

Product description

We use a flexible approach to producing shelf-ready packaging. We work closely with customers, involving them in the design process from the very beginning. We create packaging that is optimally adapted to their products, brand and marketing expectations. The packaging is designed so as to display products effectively on the shelf, attract the attention of potential purchasers and contribute to increasing sales.

The packaging can be adapted in terms of the size, weight, shape and other specific requirements of products, in this way facilitating the optimal positioning of products on shelves.

Our product design team understands the particular characteristics and requirements of the type of packaging and is able to produce a high-quality solution that is suitable for placement directly on the shelf.

We specialise in producing shelf-ready packaging with a full range of functions, including: integrated carrying handles, perforations for ease of handling, windows or cut-outs to display products, and other solutions. All this increases the usefulness and functionality of the packaging and improves the experience of consumers.

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