Counter displays

Cardboard counter displays are structures that are used to organise and display products: on counters and shelves in shops, at trade fairs and exhibitions, and other sales environments. They are usually constructed of multiple layers of cardboard that are glued together to create a strong and stable structure.

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Key benefits


We help you develop solutions that are adaptable with regard to size, shape, colour and design, meaning that they can adapt to various needs. The displays can be easily adapted to changes in products, promotions or seasonal campaigns.

Simple assembly

This well-designed packaging is simple to assemble because it is made from several pre-cut parts that are easily assembled without the need for special tools or expert knowledge. This allows quick and simple placement of the display without the need for complex assembly.

Light and portable

Cardboard is a light material, which means that cardboard counter displays are lighter than displays made from other materials. This makes it easy to move the displays to different locations in a shop or transport them to events without a major effort.

Printing and branding options

Well-developed solutions include the printing of graphic elements, logos and brands, enabling effective marketing and promotion of products at the point of sale. The displays can be adapted to match the design of the products’ own packaging or the overall brand identity.

Kind to the environment

Cardboard is renewable and recyclable, which means that it has a smaller environmental impact than other materials used for the same purpose. Cardboard counter displays are therefore an environmentally friendly choice for customers committed to sustainability.

Product description

Using modern design techniques, colours, lettering and other visual elements to enhance appearance, we offer creative design of cardboard counter displays that attract the attention of consumers and emphasise the products on the shelf. The displays are designed to adapt perfectly to the space and display products optimally.

We use materials that are strong, stable and durable.  We guarantee the durability and reliability of our displays and their capacity to support the weight of the products displayed in them.

We are committed to sustainable solutions, which is why we use environmentally friendly materials that are renewable.

We can produce displays in various quantities ranging from small runs for special events to larger quantities for mass presentation.

All the displays include solutions for simple handling and assembly.

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