P.O.S. display stands

POS (Point of Sale) display stands are a promotional and marketing tool used at points of sale, in shops or exhibition spaces, to showcase products or promotional materials. They are typically placed in prominent locations near cash registers or other points of sale where they will attract the attention of customers.

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Key benefits

Increased product visibility

POS display stands are usually placed in locations where products are easily visible and accessible to customers. This increases sales opportunities, since customers notice the products more quickly.

Effective promotion, increased sales and better return on investment

We design POS display stands so that they attract the attention of customers and encourage them to purchase, while also allowing retailers to promote new products, special offers, campaigns or seasonal promotions in an effective way. They can also increase return on investment since they can be used to promote products with a higher margin or to increase sales of poor-performing products.

Adaptability and flexibility

We develop our display stands so that they can adapt to different POS requirements, different products and promotional campaigns. They can handle various product sizes, different types of packaging and different brands, meaning that they are better able to adapt to the specific requirements of the shop or promotional campaign.

Better user experience

It is important to design display stands in such a way that they improve the overall customer experience, allowing a clear view of your products on the shelf. They can also offer additional information about products such as prices, features and promotions, which makes the purchasing decision easier.

Branding and brand awareness

POS display stands allow you to highlight a brand and build awareness of it. They can be designed in a way that matches the brand image, using the logos, colours and other characteristics of the brand, all of which can help strengthen brand recognition.

Product description

With an approach that combines functionality and aesthetics, our team of designers will work with you to create displays that stand out and capture the attention of consumers at points of sale.

We are able to adapt to customers’ needs with regard to: sizes, shapes, materials, colours, printed materials and other requirements for POS display stands. This allows us to produce display stands that are perfectly adapted to the customer’s marketing aims, brand and products.

We use high-quality materials in the production process to ensure their durability, stability and robustness. This is important because POS display stands typically undergo heavy handling and loads in retail outlets. Quality workmanship is therefore crucial for a long lifespan and effective product promotion.

Our POS display stands are designed to be adaptable to various types of products including bottles, glasses, magazines, chocolates, and so on. They can also be adapted to different sales environments, including shops, trade fairs, exhibitions and other retail outlets.

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