Packaging for the food industry

Packaging for the food industry consists of solutions to protect, store, transport and display food products (including food, drink and other products).

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Key benefits


Well-designed packaging protects food products against external factors, which helps maintain their freshness, nutritional value and safety, and reduces the possibility of contamination. This extends the shelf life of products and reduces waste due to spoiled items.


We work hard to develop packaging that enables the safe and efficient transport of food products from manufacturer to consumer. Suitable packaging reduces the risk of damage and loss during transport and allows the simple tracing and identification of products. It is light and easy to transport, which means lower transport costs and a reduced environmental impact. At the same time, it is sufficiently durable to survive the journey to the shop without damage.

Presentation and increased sales

Packaging is a key factor in the presentation of food products on the market. Attractive and functional packaging can attract consumers, inform them about the product, promote brand awareness and influence purchasing decisions. Cardboard packaging can attract consumers with eye-catching graphics that help it stand out on a crowded shelf.


Packaging plays an important role in environmental sustainability. Sustainable packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable or made from renewable sources helps reduce the environmental footprint of the food sector and supports the sustainable use of resources.

Product description

The packaging has numerous functions and is an important element of the food system in that it affects the shelf life, safety, quality and attractiveness of food products.

We have a great deal of experience in the manufacture of cardboard packaging, in particular for the food industry. Our professionalism and know-how mean that we can produce high-quality packaging adapted to various size, shape and functionality requirements and the other needs and demands of our customers.

We use FSC® certified materials and follow procedures to ensure the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, in this way enabling our customers to receive packaging that is safe for food products and, at the same time, contributes to environmental sustainability.

Our product design team works closely with customers to create attractive and functional packaging for food products that can be adapted to the brand and target market and meets all packing, transport and display requirements.

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