Pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging is used to pack pharmaceutical products such as medicines, medical devices, food supplements and other medical products.

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Key benefits

Protection of medicines

The packaging is designed to protect medicines from external environmental factors and in this way maintain its efficacy and safety.

Ease of use

Well-designed pharmaceutical packaging is easy to use. This is particularly important in the case of elderly users or individuals with limited physical mobility, who need simple and safe packaging in order to be able to use medicines.

Product description

Pharmaceutical packaging has several important functions and is key to ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and demands strict conformity with legislation and standards including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO and others. We at Kartem d.o.o. are committed to regulatory compliance and guarantee that our packaging for the pharmaceutical industry is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards.

Pharmaceutical products require a high level of protection, safety and integrity of packaging in order to maintain the quality, efficacy and safety of the products it contains. We therefore use high-quality materials, precision manufacturing techniques and solutions that guarantee that the packaging of products is safe and proof against tampering, counterfeiting and other risks.

We are able to adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry. We cooperate closely with customers on the design and development of packaging that is optimally adapted to their products, brand, and marketing and logistics needs.

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