Commercial packaging

Commercial packaging is designed to promote products and attract the attention of consumers, and also to protect products during transport and warehousing.

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Key benefits

Improved sales efficiency

Correctly designed commercial packaging can increase sales efficiency. Attractive packaging can attract the attention of consumers, stimulate purchasing decisions and increase sales of products.

Brand maintenance

It is designed to attract the attention of consumers and help create brand recognition. Correctly designed packaging can help a product stand out among competing products on the shelves and prompt consumers to purchase it.

Information for consumers

It allows manufacturers to include product details on the packaging such as: ingredients, instructions for use, shelf life, safety warnings, nutritional values and other important consumer information. This can help consumers make an informed decision to buy the product.

Ease of distribution

We develop packaging that facilitates the transport and distribution of products from manufacturer to retailer and end consumer. The packaging can also include information on the number of products it contains, for better traceability and easier stock control.

Product description

It is used to pack products destined for retail sale. It is usually attractive, functional and in keeping with the marketing strategy of the product’s maker.

It also offers greater protection for packed products because it is made of strong single-, double- or triple-wall corrugated cardboard. Commercial packaging can be printed with the customer’s chosen wording or graphics, including photographs, text and illustrations, making it even more adaptable and attractive.

The production of laminated packaging is more a complex process, since it involves the creation of printed material and tools. The method of assembly of the packaging depends on the construction of the box, where you can choose between self-folding or glued boxes. An important part of commercial packaging consists of cardboard promotional display stands that are designed to boost sales and can be adapted to various shapes and structures including: freestanding, hanging, countertop, and so on.

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