Automotive packaging

Packaging for the automotive industry means all types of solutions for the protection, transport and storage of automotive components and parts for distribution, warehousing and sales.

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Key benefits

Protection against damage 

The packaging is designed to offer effective protection against damage during transport. Automotive parts are often sensitive to impacts, vibrations and other mechanical stresses, so adequate packaging is essential for the prevention of damage and to ensure that the parts remain in perfect condition.

Ease of handling 

We develop solutions that facilitate the handling of automotive parts. This means adaptable packaging that is light and easy to handle and allows simple loading and unloading during transport and warehousing.

Optimisation of space 

Boxes are designed to optimise space and reduce transport and warehousing costs. Packaging can be foldable, adaptable or of non-standard shapes, allowing efficient use of space in lorries, containers, aircraft, etc., during transport.


Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. Packaging made from renewable, recyclable materials reduces environmental impact and helps companies meet their environmental targets and improve their sustainability.

Product description

Thanks to years of experience and specialised know-how, we are able to adapt to the requirements and specifications of the automotive industry and produce high-quality and efficient packaging for automotive parts and components and other products.

We are known for our adaptability in packaging design and for our use of a wide range of materials. We produce packaging tailored to your specifications that is perfectly adapted to specific products and requirements.

Automotive packaging must guarantee the effective protection and safety of products during transport and warehousing. To this end, we use high-quality materials and production techniques which guarantee that the packaging is durable and resistant to impacts, vibrations, dust and other external factors and thus able to protect automotive parts and components from damage.

We offer advice on optimising logistics processes including warehousing, packing, labelling and preparation for transport. In this way we help customers obtain a comprehensive solution for their packaging needs and optimise their logistics operations.

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