Packaging for the furniture industry

Packaging for the furniture industry consists of a range of solutions to protect, store and transport furniture such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, and so on.

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Key benefits

Product protection

Our packaging is developed to ensure that furniture is protected against damage during transport, warehousing and handling. High-quality packaging reduces the risk of damage and dirt and maintains furniture in perfect condition.

Ease of handling

Our well-designed packaging ensures ease of handling of furniture during transport, unloading and warehousing. It can include handles, wheels, stickers with assembly instructions and other features that make transporting and handling furniture easier.

Marketing value

Packaging has significant marketing value in that it can attract potential purchasers and enhance a furniture manufacturer’s brand. Aesthetically pleasing, well-designed packaging can contribute to a better presentation of furniture on the market and stimulates sales.


It can be adapted to various types of furniture and different transport methods. Packaging can be shaped and adapted with regard to the size, shape, weight and fragility of furniture products, in this way facilitating optimal protection and efficient transport.

Environmental responsibility

We use environmentally friendly materials that help reduce negative environmental impacts and increase sustainability within the furniture industry.

Product description

We offer a wide range of cardboard packaging for furniture that includes boxes, wrapping, sleeves, inserts and special solutions such as corner protectors, straps and other custom packaging solutions. This allows the packaging to adapt to various types of furniture, including small items such as tables and chairs and larger items such as wardrobes and kitchen units.

We approach the production of furniture packaging individually, ensuring that it is tailored to the needs of our customers. Customers are involved in the design process from the very start, with the result that together we create packaging that is optimally tailored to their products, whatever shape or size and whatever particular requirements they might have.

Our development technologists are well versed in the specific requirements of the furniture industry and know how to create packaging that effectively protects furniture from damage during handling and transport.

The use of advanced technology and modern equipment enables us to produce high-quality products that are capable of meeting the demands of the furniture industry.

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